Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Monday 21 February 2011

When extreme thoughts collide.

Here, we tentatively offer the unlikely yet wonderful Augustinian Cardinal/Archbishop's Priest's Biretta. The statistical chance of seeing something like this, ever, is slim, and we're keeping the whereabouts of these secret; it would ruin the surprise of sighting one. But what could be more elegant than a watered silk biretta lined in ruby silk? Ah yes, this. A watered silk biretta lined in ruby silk which blots out the sun. Naturally.


  1. A wonderful document (unfortunatly only in German) is:
    Raffelt, Martin: Das Birett – sein aktueller Gebrauch. In: Pro Missa Tridentina, Rundbrief Nr. 23, Januar 2002, ISSN 1610-4927.
    Download here..
    Maybe one day somebody will translate this document into English. This would be a veritable enrichment.

  2. The document looks fascinating Mr Phillipi, and I think I know someone who would be perfect for the task. A German friend with perfect English.

    Curiously I find myself in Germany this week, but I will get on the task when I return to england.

    AM (posted anon as having difficulty posting from my iPhone.