Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Monday, 4 July 2011

Y Viva España #7

With one colossal crash after another and much thundering noise, not to mention the occasional chink of breaking glass and swear box contribution, each and every nun is back home from her holidays. Mother decided not to do things by halves and chartered a fleet of helicopters to take the sisters duty free shopping. However, much overburdened on the homeward journey with litre after litre of supplies, and looking a little like an Ecclesiastical Apocalypse Now, the aircraft had difficulties even taking off and were finally forced to make a crash landing in the mountains; soon after the dear sisters were rescued by RAF Gibraltar in some very heavy duty Chinooks and delivered direct to the Domus Birettarum Helipad in time for Compline and a medicinal Horlicks.

It’s nice to see old friends, and so here we are with the blue Spanish equivalents of the priests of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. They are, in order, a priest or seminarian with a blue tassel, a priest or seminarian with a blue pom-pom, and a bonete with a blue pom-pom and piping for a prelate. Try saying that after a couple...  Finally we present the lining of all three.


  1. Thank you Mr Phillippi.

    Your blog is always an inspiration to us here at DB Towers, and I believe our chief milliner has made a number of pieces for you. Were it not for your blog, and the examples therein, we would not be doing what we do.

    I am thrilled to be learning the art myself under his direction, and naturally the stern disapproval of mother prioress...

  2. Please, don´t forget that these bonetes can be only used in Spain (ore in the hispanic countries). Not in Gricigliano!

  3. Covet, covet, covet !