Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Y Viva España #6

A midnight text informs us that Mother Prioress has won big at the casino, and is treating the sisters to a giant penultimate night’s slap up feed, before they prepare to pack and return to the austere cold stone of this fusty Gothic skyscraper. We're hoping its soon as we're quite out of gin and we know what some of the sisters are like when you set them loose on the duty free...

From one high roller to another, here we present the Bonete of a Spanish Cardinal (No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!). It is made from the very genuine article Gamerelli watered silk, and as with the Cardinalatial biretta, has a stalk instead of a pom-pom. 


  1. The milliner I am working with made one not collapsible cardinal's biretta of the silk fabric with moiré effect for me. Wonderful material.

  2. Wonderful example! Your example doesn't happen to hail from Surrey does it?