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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Y viva España #4

The communications channels have been distinctly down for the last few weeks, nary a tweet, a blog post, a textual missive, nothing. Until today. We have just received word that Mother Prioress fell afoul of a rather suave timeshare salesman who talked the great woman herself into signing a document jeopardising the convent here in England. Sister Varicella, a younger octoagenerian, tells us that after a frank exchange of views, a spell in a Spanish prison, and several visits from diocesan legal representatives, that all charges have now been dropped. None of the sisters even knew mother had learned ju jitsu. All sisters are now enjoying the fifth jug of sangria and what mother says is a proper holiday.


Todays hat is that of a Spanish bishop. Amaranth outer, and green lining.       


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