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Thursday, 31 March 2011

In the Pink

So today we give you the Biretta of a Minor Prelate or Monsignor. It is plain black wool, but with a purple tuft and purple lining. It is also worn traditionally by parish priests in Spain, who have obviously noticed that a bit of purple here and there adds a dash of pizzazz to the proceedings. Considering they give to the wider church an entirely new style of biretta altogether, Mother Prioress finds this a department of no surprise.

We entitle this post according to the rather pink appearance of the Roman Purple lining. 


  1. For me always difficult is the English name of the color of this biretta. Have a look at color of a bishop.

  2. It seems we have the same problems, Mr Philippi, as today's blog post reveals. Both are seen, we have found, especially in Anglican circles.

  3. This biretta is quite possibly abolished by the miserly Ut Sive Sollicite, which does not mention any biretta for chaplains of His Holiness. I think it continues to be widely worn.