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Friday, 25 March 2011

Competition entry #1

Well that didn't take long did it?

Mr Andy Millam has sent us the following entries:

Picture 1 & 2

Easter 2009 (EF) at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Des Moines Iowa.

Celebrant: Mons. Frank Chiodo
Deacon: Fr. Tom Dooley
Sub Deacon: Mr. Andy Milam

Picture 3

St. Agnes Day 2010 (OF) at St. Agnes Catholic Church, St. Paul, MN.

Celebrant: Fr. John Ubel
Concelebrant: Fr. Michael Miller
Deacon: Rev. Mr. Nathan Allen
(Sub) Deacon: Rev. Mr. Bernard Pedersen

Props to Mr Millam for showing not only birettas, but one white lace mantilla, and a veritable array of Knight's Chapeaux. The bar has been set rather high we feel.

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