Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Back to Black #3

Based on the principle that the number of blades suggests a rank in Holy Orders, much like the number of horizontal bars on the back of a Dalmatic and Tunicle, here we present our notion of the Subdeacon’s Biretta. We’ve not seen anything of the like outside of DB Towers, though Mother Prioress informs us that she saw something quite like it in the 18th Century and frankly we’re not going to argue. One of the younger sisters, who turns 80 this month, says it looks like “a Mickey Mouse Hat found on Dartmoor Firing Range.” Well quite.


  1. The realm of the fanciful! I assume there's a two-horned deacon's biretta to go with this in someone's imagination.

    (I'm pretty sure stripes on the back of a dalmatic/tunicle are not de fide either.)

    But this is enjoyable.

    I think you should issue a challenge and offer a prize to any priest who will wear a St Ninian's tartan Spanish bonete in any liturgy!

  2. "But this is enjoyable."

    That's the spirit Peter.

    Regarding the St Ninian's Tartan, my what a prophetic gift you have! May I refer you to the hideously tongue in cheek advert to be found under 'Coming Soon', gently mocking as it does not only our own endeavors but the idea of clerical fashion. One of the string of hats, indeed the last, is in the very same tartan you mention. More info concerning it in the coming weeks, depending on how many more we have to get through.

  3. And of course this:


    Is the offending article our chief artisan made a short while ago for Mr Philippi.

  4. Apologies Peter, but we felt we had better pull that link. We're more about levity here, but we rather agree with you: disturbing indeed. Let's hope this blog doesn't resemble that in any way.

    Regarding the Tunicle and Dalmatic point, sometimes a set has differentiated pieces, one with two bars and one with a single one, sometimes not.