Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Crossing the Bosphorus

Never let it be said we were a single issue sort of blog. Multi-faceted, that’s us. For yes, here we most proudly present to you the first hat from the Orthodox church. This hat is called a kalimavkion.

Frankly, we think it rather splendid. Its owner promises to send pictures when it may be put to full use, after his forthcoming ordination.

Mother Prioress chuntered something about inappropriate about Tzatzkiki in the refectory, but we’re sure with a few Metaxxas she’ll be as keen on our new enterprises as she was with the old ones. 


  1. Bravo on the engineesring here.

  2. The recipient of the hat is extremely pleased with it!

  3. The top photo resembles the chimney hood of my wood stove, even to the galvanized tin color.

  4. Over 18 months later, I am pleased to report that this hat is still in (at least) weekly use, and is as good today as it was when purchased.

    Its sister (if hats can be said to be cosanguineous), my skoufia (the soft, informal hat - which I note you did not picture!) is starting to look a little grey, having been rained on, baked in the sun and sweated into on an almost daily basis. I may shortly be purchasing a replacement, subject to Mother Superior's approval (or sedation by gin).

  5. Hey, the skoufia is just getting "seasoned". It sounds as if it is developing character nicely and its feelings might get hurt if you replace it with a new one.

    All you need do is dust it inside and out with baking soda and then slap it against your leg, or with a fly-swatter and it will "dry-clean" the sweaty smell.