Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Saturday, 30 July 2011

El Mostruo

Deep in the very vaults, the catacombs of this wind-rattled frowsty gothic convent, behind doors marked top-secret,  work has been going on for some time. Finished, photographed, and finally here, we present to you, with fear and trepidation: El Mostruo Spanish Bonete.

Not only is this hat twice the height of a Spanish biretta, it is greater in width also, following the angles of the Spanish bonete to their logical conclusion, as shown here:

The result? A hat which looks like part of a costume from Aida, or possibly Jesus Christ Superstar. A biretta to dwarf all others, and which renders the priest beneath it a mere afterthought, a motile speaking plinth whose purpose is merely to display the ludicrous confection. It is for this, and so many very excellent reasons, that Mother Prioress has forbidden the creation of another one. Ever. 


  1. It's Texas sized; If Mexico ever recovers the Texas territory, and Spain re-colonized Mexico, this would be the perfect headgear for the Primate of Texas: all it would need would be tuft of appropriate color(s), perhaps those of the national flag.

  2. A Biretta on steroids !