Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


We. Told. You. So.

First a word on the Fabric, this is the St Ninian’s Tartan presented to the Holy Father on his visit to the United Kingdom; it is thus the Papal Tartan, and as such to be worn by the Sovereign Pontiff or a member of his staff. This is as much as we know; the rest of this post is pure speculation.

So here we find ourselves sat before a hat that golfing priests might well fight over. Our best guess is that it might be worn by a priest of the Papal Household on a trip to St Andrews should he find himself fancying a cheeky nine holes. Should such a moment of excitement fall on a Spanish feast day, naturally we have that covered also.


  1. How about one for a Welsh Archbishop?(we might get one soon!)

  2. Och! Ai! Splendid. Mike

  3. We have a Welsh Archbishop now - Bishop George Stack. But what would a Welsh biretta look like?

  4. On second thought, "spiffy" is a better word.

  5. I think an episcopal kilt should be created to go with this.

  6. The leek-hued pom-pom on "green light #3" makes it a Welsh biretta, provided it is lined with daffodil yellow.

  7. I hope to soon be a Scottish seminarian, could I wear this in any case once ordained? Feast of St. Ninian?

    Also, I have a question; The Pontifical Scots College in Rome maintain a tradition of the Royal Blue Cassock with Red Fascia; does this mean we could possibly (probably without the pom, it is custom that seminarians have no tuft) use a Royal Blue Biretta ? Wouldn't that be interesting to see eh?

    Also, since we have a red fascia, does this mean that either the lining or the pom would be red also? I could start a great trend here, as long as people were familiar with their birettiquette.

  8. My mistake, just spoke to a friend and here is what the Scots College cassock has:

    Purple cassock with crimson sash, buttons and pipings. Black soprana with pendant strings