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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Esteemed Mr Dieter Philippi

It is with great respect and pride we doff our birettas to Mr Dieter Philippi, world renowned and recognised as a renowned expert on religious, clerical and ecclesiastical headgear. Mr Philippi has kindly linked us as one of his favourite blogs, and we naturally wish to return the compliment.

Our subterranean factory floor, filled as it is with feverishly active nuns churning out ten birettas an hour each, would not be the same without his ever expanding and informative site and blog. Indeed many of our creations have been inspired by the pictures he has posted from the collection. If we’re honest we rather wish he hadn’t found that 18th Century Augustinian Abbot’s Biretta, as we now have our best sisters looking for a football field’s worth of Gold Brocade to practice with.

The amazing pages in question can be found at:




It has also been our great honour to produce a few pieces for the Phillipi collection also, most noteworthy being a Spanish biretta in St Ninian’s Papal Tartan.

So from all at DB Towers, Mr Philippi, we salute you!

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