Bespoke Clerical Millinery for the Discerning Clergyman

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

All I want for Christmas...

... is a Spanish Biretta with a tree in the middle of it. This is for a Spanish Philosophy Degree, apparently, thus explaining the need for a large brush on the top and a cascading fringe effect. And why not, we ask ourselves?

Put more respectfully and sensibly here:

Portrait of D. Juan Benlloch, seminarian graduate in Theology, Valencia, with Roman habit, white satin cape (muceta blanca), ring (anillo) and remarkable laureate bonete with silk fringe and handle / garland.

Ohhhh, so it's a handle...


  1. Oh, this is wonderful. I hope you don't mind, but I'm "borrowing" the picture for my blog, Wounded Bird. I will give you a link and credit, of course.

    How kind of you to supply the birettas without cost to those who cannot afford them.

  2. This biretta is guaranteed to make any wearer look like the king in a staunton chess set. Check!

  3. If you hadn't told me it was Spanish, I would have guessed an Ottoman Turkish Pasha who was also Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.